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Sep 28, 2016 | TV Shows

Daredevil season one and The Night Of season one are in the books. More great treadmill watching for me on my iPad!

Here are quick write-ups on both along with some thoughts on whether they’re worth your time or not.

Daredevil Season 1 Review

Daredevil is a Marvel show based in Hell’s Kitchen in New York and is a Netflix Original. The show is based on a Marvel Comic character of the same name. Matt Murdock is the main character who is a blind lawyer by day and a crime fighter by night. Blinded as a small child, Matt found he could “see” even better without site.

I’m a sucker for Marvel shows so I enjoyed this one. It doesn’t require much thought, is packed with action, and perfect to keep my mind occupied during a long treadmill session. Sure, the premise is completely out there but crime fighting scenes are pretty fun and well done by the creators. There were a few lame relationship that they attempted to develop but it didn’t take away from the show too much for me.

My wife wasn’t interested in this one and I don’t think it’s great for kids. The fight scenes are pretty violent and wasn’t ready to have my 13 and 10 year old watch that. There were definitely some adult themes.

The Night Of Season 1 Review

The Night Of is an HBO original show and is based in New York. The premise of the show is a young man, after a night of partying, waking up to find the woman he was with was stabbed to death. Despite presumed innocence, he becomes the likely, and obvious, suspect in the murder to law enforcement.

The show depicts his survival in prison along with the investigation into that night by his lawyers and a retiring investigator.

I enjoyed the show and there were episodes where I definitely couldn’t wait to see the next one. I won’t give away too much here in case you haven’t seen it. My only knock on it was they tried to pull too much together in the last episode without many details. I think it could have used one additional episode to help make the outcome believable.

I did think the depiction of his survival in prison was well done. Some great character development that had you holding your breathe on what was in store for him.

Definitely not for kids and had plenty of violence scenes so if you don’t like that, this is not for you. But, definitely worth a watch if you’re interested.


Have you watched these? What did you think?

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