Tubi TV Review and App Setup

Aug 30, 2016 | Streaming Services

Free Movies? Free TV? What’s not to love? See what we think in this Tubi TV Review.

We’ve seen a few positive reviews floating around about Tubi TV so we thought we’d give it a try. We put it to the test this weekend and put together this quick Tubi TV review along with a short video of how to set up the Tubi TV app on the Amazon Fire and iPad. And, of course, we share some thoughts on the experience.

First, what is Tubi TV? Admittedly, I wasn’t 100% sure when we started. But, simply, it’s an ad supported streaming service that is meant as an alternative to Amazon, Hulu, Netflix, etc. Because they show ads, the movies, documentaries, and TV shows are all free. The selection is not as vast as the other paid services, but just keep in mind – it’s free.

Tubi TV Review

Tubi TV is supported on a wide variety of devices, but for this Tubi TV review we focused on the Amazon Fire TV and iPad.


Getting the Apps


I’ll put our Tubi TV review video here since it focuses on how to find the Tubi TV app on the Amazon Fire TV and get it started. It’s really simple. A simple search for Tubi TV takes you right to the app where you can choose to install it.

Again, it’s free so there is no charge and the Tubi TV app on Amazon Fire TV does not require an account setup. You really are up and running in minutes. The iPad version did require me to setup an account. Screenshots are at the end of the video. Check out the video and then look below the video for more of our Tubi TV review.



The navigation seems pretty standard and aligned with most other streaming services. One thing that stuck out to us was the amount of categories to search through in the sidebar. I thought categories such as “Not on Netflix” and “Highly Rated on Rotten Tomatoes” were a creative way to break out and draw attention to their programming options.

We did find a lag on navigating through categories and shows on the Amazon Fire TV app that was a bit annoying. Everything loaded quickly, but it seems like there is a slight delay when moving from one place to another.

The iPad, we thought, was very well done. Much more fluid and responsive. We also saw a “Continue Watching” option in the sidebar which is nice for families like us that rarely get time to watch something all the way through. It’s nice to see what you’ve started so you don’t forget about it.

Also on the iPad is a “My Queue” where you can tag shows to watch later. That would be a good addition to the Amazon Fire TV app as well.




Overall, I didn’t find these that obtrusive. They’re normal ads you’d see while watching live TV and aren’t unexpected when you’re watching something for free. One feature I liked was the countdown timer in the lower right (as pictured below) that showed how much commercial time was left. I tried one show that only had 15 seconds of commercials!

Also, see the screen share/project button in the lower right to put up on a TV through an Apple TV or other compatible device.


Tubi TV Review - iPad App





Tubi TV has a fairly large selection of movies, TV shows, independent productions, documentaries, reality TV and foreign films. I was surprised by the amount of Korean and Chinese films!

Now, by large selection, we’re not implying there is a lot of mainstream TV and Movies. To be honest, there wasn’t a ton that I could see my family watching. But, then again, we’re not Tubi TV’s main audience. As a family of four with a crazy schedule we have just enough time to catch some of the popular programming.

But, for someone that does have the time and wants additions to Netflix, Hulu, etc. or someone that simply doesn’t want to pay a monthly fee, we think this would be a really cool option.

I think their Mission statement says it all. They’re growing and will get bigger and better the more people they can get on the bandwagon.


Our Mission

Tubi TV believes you deserve great TV shows and movies that are completely free with no hidden hassles.

We’re working hard to free one TV show or movie at a time. Everytime that happens, it’s a moment to celebrate and your opportunity to be entertained: the more you watch, the more TV shows and movies we can free and bring to you. We’re in this together with you so that you can watch great TV shows and movies whenever and wherever you want

Worth a try? Absolutely. We love what they’re trying to do and my guess is we’ll find our son looking through their cartoon category on Saturday morning.



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