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Aug 20, 2016 | Uncategorized

Phew! So many streaming TV options to choose from these days. Netflix, Amazon, and every other streaming service is rolling out tons of great new content. We thought we’d keep everyone updated on some of the streaming TV shows we’ve discovered or finally started watching (yes, we’re late to the game on a few).

It’s a big month for Olympic watching but here’s what we’ve been into during our rare moments of downtime when no interesting events are being streamed from Olympic coverage. Or, when NBC is spending too much time covering childish swimmers with big imaginations.




Streaming TV - Daredevil


This is a new one for me now that I’m caught up on Game of Thrones and need something to occupy my mind on the treadmill. I’m an episode and a half in and I’m really intrigued. It’s a Marvel show for adults (I’d suggest watching a few episodes to determine if it’s right for your kids). The premise is a blind lawyer who has abilities to fight evil at night. Really interesting characters and tons of Super Hero action. Fun show so far.


House of Cards


Streaming TV - House of Cards


Yes, I know. We’re one of the last people on earth to start this series. But, programming like this is one reason we cut the cord. Absolutely fantastic. It reminds my wife and I a bit of West Wing except much edgier and much more tailored towards today’s viewing audiences. We sometimes can’t wrap our heads around how evil Frank Underwood can be! We’re on Season 2 and hooked.


The Clone Wars (animated series)


Streaming TV - Clone Wars


Our son is a comic novel, Star Wars, and cartoon lover so he was happy to find many episodes of the Clone Wars animated series on Netflix. I haven’t researched where else you can stream this from but it’s at the top of his Netflix list and has become a Saturday morning ritual for him. Admittedly, I’ve even gotten into a few episodes!


On Deck

Stranger Things (Netflix Original)

Jessica Jones (Netflix Original from Marvel)




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