How to Watch the Olympics Without Cable

Jul 28, 2016 | Streaming Devices, TV Shows

I had read a few articles a month or so ago that hinted at Olympic coverage not being available to cord cutters which I thought was a dumb move for NBC considering the many that have gone away from cable. Well, looks like we have options after all which was a huge relief to us. Our family is a big fan of the Olympics and love to take in as much as we can. So, here is a quick guide to how to watch the Olympics without cable using the new NBC Olympics App.

I threw together a quick “how to watch the Olympics without cable” video (below) that shows how to install the NBC Olympics App on an Amazon Fire TV using a subscription to PlayStation Vue. We have Vue’s Core Slim package for $34.99/month which will give us access to the Golf channel to watch the Olympic golf. But, if you’re not interested in golf, the Access Slim package for $29.99/month will give you everything else.

Remember, if you’re not a PlayStation Vue subscriber you can either do this with a free trial or sign up for one month and then cancel. There are no contracts with Vue so you can cancel anytime. Great option for the Olympics for cord cutters.

How to Watch the Olympics Without Cable



Hopefully this quick guide gave you some insight into how to watch the olympics without cable. Let me know if you have any questions, ideas, suggestions on this. I’m sure our audience will appreciate any additional information.


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