How to Watch the NFL Without Cable

Aug 8, 2016 | TV Shows

I’m sure when August rolls around for new cord cutters or those considering it, how to watch the NFL without cable is a popular topic. With NFL training camps in full swing and preseason games a few weeks away the realization has set in that turning on the cable box and watching an NFL game isn’t an option.

But, figuring out how to watch the NFL without cable is really pretty easy! We just went through it in our house. Read on!


How to Watch the NFL Without Cable for FREE


Did you know you can get almost all primetime games for free?

Winegard Flatwave Digital AntennaIt’s true. All but a couple Thursday Night Football games can be viewed over-the-air (OTA) in HD with your TV antenna. Your local NFL team’s games will all appear on a network channel available over-the-air (Go Vikes!). Sunday Night Football is carried by NBC and together CBS and NBC carry all but a couple of the Thursday Night Football games. All with your antenna!

One piece missing with solely relying on your antenna is DVR. I typically like to record the games and start about 45 minutes in to avoid many of the commercials which typically have content I’d rather my 10 year old didn’t see anyway. We had an old TiVo box that I hooked up and ran the antenna through. This allows me to pause, rewind, and record the games. But, the crew over at Cut Cable Today have a great article on OTA DVR Comparison for Cord Cutters if you’re interested.

See, the answer to how to watch the NFL without cable is actually a simple solution. But, I didn’t mention Monday Night Football, did I?


Can I Watch Monday Night Football Without Cable?


Absolutely! But, it just won’t be free.

How To Watch The NFL Without Cable - ESPN

ESPN carries Monday Night Football and that is not a channel that comes over-the-air from your antenna. You’ll need a subscription to one of the live TV streaming services. Currently both PlayStation Vue and Sling TV have packages that include ESPN which means you can watch the NFL games without a cable TV or Satellite subscription.

We’re subscribers to PlayStation Vue (as you can read in our How to Cut Cable Guide) but Sling TV may get the nod on this one considering their recent announcement in collaboration with NFL Media. Looks like Thursday Night Games can also be seen on Sling TV with a soon to be updated package. Not enough for me to switch, but an option you should check out.

If you’re new to cord cutting and wondering how to watch the NFL without cable on PlayStation Vue or Sling TV, you can either watch through your browser or you’ll need a streaming device such as a Roku, Fire TV, etc. We’ll be watching through Fire TV!

So, not only can you watch TV without cable but you now know how to watch the NFL without cable!


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