HBO GO and Game of Thrones Viewership

Jul 23, 2016 | TV Shows

I’ve been really excited to start Season 6 of Game of Thrones. I had been watching Seasons 1-5 via our previous Comcast Xfinity On-Demand subscription but somewhere along the way we lost access to that series via their on-demand programming. When we cut the cable cord last month and renegotiated our Internet package, Comcast offered a good deal that included HBO access (long story for another post). At any rate, it looks like by using HBO NOW, I’m contributing to some amazing Game of Thrones viewership numbers.

The ComingSoon.Net website had a story about the Game of Thrones viewership and stats on how HBO GO and HBO NOW are contributing to record rises in viewers. Season 6 has 25.1 million viewers to date and 40% of that came from HBO’s Digital Platforms. HBO GO and HBO NOW are up a combined 91% from last season. Crazy!

I’ve started watching Season 6 on the HBO GO app streamed through our Amazon Fire and Apple TV and also via the app on my iPad. One aspect of streaming I enjoy is the ability to load my streaming apps on my iPad and continue watching my favorite shows while on the treadmill at the club.

I’m planning a review of the HBO GO app soon. My first impressions aren’t great – I think the app needs some work but I want to use it a bit more before I make any determinations.

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