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We saved $140/month and expanded our entertainment options by finding alternatives to cable, home phone, security, and Internet. Here’s our story and where you come in.

We’re an active family (sometimes overscheduled!) of four with kids aged 10 and 13. Like any family looking for some downtime from what seems like a hectic schedule, we like to gather around the TV for a favorite show, movie, or sporting event. And for that entertainment we looked to our cable subscription which had also morphed into home phone, security, and Internet.

But, the entertainment and technology world is evolving. That once attractive bundle pricing was a huge drag on our monthly budget. Plus, family friendly programming from cable had been narrowed down to endless episodes of Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives, Mysteries at the Museum, Bizarre Foods (which I secretly still love), and Property Brothers.

Ugh! Time for a change. Time to break old habits and try something new. This website is dedicated to giving people a transparent view into:

  • How we dropped that bundle, saved money, and found broader entertainment and technology options
  • What we’re using each month and what we’re trialing
  • Our monthly budget for all of this
  • And weekly tips, news, deals and reviews from the world of cord cutting

Tons of new services and tech are launching each month with fun new options. Join the discussion here on We Cut Cable and let us know how you’re doing it and what you’ve found!


How to Cut Cable Guide

See what steps we took and what services we're currently using to replace our cable subscription. Included are tips for replacing home phone and security.


Check out our latest tips, reviews, and experiences on how we're cutting cable.

How To Watch TV Without Cable

Check out our quick beginner's guide on how to watch TV without cable. We give you tips to get started in the right direction.

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